How to join Shimizu lab / 如何加入我们的团队

Thank you for your interest in our laboratory. This page is a summary of how to join Shimizu Lab for international students.


We accept students of various specialties as long as they have enough funding to cover their studies in Japan. International students who lives outside JAPAN must become a government-sponsored student (see MEXT page) or obtain other similar fellowship before applying to our lab. If you need ‘Letter of Provisional Acceptance’, please first contact to our International Student Support Unit (


Students who live in JAPAN should have sufficient Japanese language proficiency (JLPT N1 level) before applying to our lab. In this case, you should show your Japanese skills. Please contact us in Japanese, and the interview will be held in (mostly) Japanese. The only exception is that, if you have previous expertise in our field and can speak in English, you may potentially be accepted to join our team.

居住在日本的学生在申请我们的团队之前,应具备足够的日语水平(JLPT N1级)。在这种情况下,你应该展示你的日语技能。请用日语与我们联系,面试将用(大部分)日语进行。唯一的例外是,如果您以前在我们的领域有专业知识,并且会说英语,您可能会被接受加入我们的团队。

In either case, please check this page and follow instructions when you would like to know the available positions for graduate students.


One final note: Our education system is held mostly in Japanese. You would be asked to be proficient in Japanese before joining our team.